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Please note that while the information contained in our GIS is believed to be fairly reliable, it is not guaranteed to be completely accurate or up-to-date. The maps and data contained on this site are compilations from several different sources, with several different levels of precision, prepared over a period of several years. The maps and data were created or compiled by the FNSB to support government related tasks and not with other uses in mind. The data, particularly the tax roll, parcel layer, and zoning layer, is a snapshot of one point in time of information that is constantly changing hence may not be up to date or accurate. The maps and data are intended to be used solely for informational purposes, and are not replacements for legal documents, title reports, or survey plats. If you need legal documentation of any information on this site, contact the appropriate agency or department (see metadata document for responsible department/agency). The maps and data may contain errors, omissions, or outdated information. The maps and data are made available on the condition that users agree that the FNSB will not be held liable for any loss, injury, or damage of any kind, whether direct or indirect, resulting from any errors or omissions in the maps, data, or disc.


The maps and data on this site may not be reproduced, republished, or resold in any form, including the internet, without providing a substantially similar disclaimer and limitations as set forth above. Such disclaimer may be contained in a general acknowledgment section.

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