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New GIS Web Site is live.

It can be found at http://fnsb.us/gis.

Welcome to the Fairbanks North Star Borough's Geographical Information System (GIS). We hope you find our GIS to be a valuable resource.

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  6. Comprehensive Help documentation is available. To view the Help once you are in the GIS system, click the yellow question mark.
  7. Apologies in advance, but due to staffing levels, the Borough cannot provide technical support for our public users.
  8. This GIS system is built on ESRI's ArcIMS 9 Engine.

  9. Enter the old FNSB GIS

  • Simple Base Map - Base map viewer with several layers that can turn on and off, and some simple map tools. FNSB data includes Address points, Road Centerlines, Parcels with Tax Roll data, Labels, DOT Mileposts, TAPS Pipeline, City and Borough boundaries, Zip Codes. Base Map options are provided by Esri, USGS & other Federal agencies, National Geographic, Delorme, and Open Street Map.

  • Tax Parcel Viewer - Parcel viewer that searches by Owner, PAN, or Address, and includes parcels with taxroll data and street addresses. FNSB data includes Address points, Road Centerlines, and Parcels with Tax Roll data. Base Map options are provided by Esri, USGS & other Federal agencies, National Geographic, Delorme, and Open Street Map.

  • Street Address Locator - NEW VERSION: Street address locator that searches by house number, street name, complete address, or owner, and includes parcels with taxroll data. New version can be used on mobile devices.

  • Zoning Identifer - Identify FNSB Zoning District for any location, then link to Zoning Code. Search by street address, property owner, or PAN (Property Tax ID). FNSB data includes Zoning Boundaries, Zoning Labels, Address labels, and Road Labels. Base Map options are provided by Esri, USGS & other Federal agencies, National Geographic, Delorme, and Open Street Map.

  • Marijuana Facilities Zoning Identifer - Fairbanks North Star Borough Zoning Maps, identifying areas where commercial Marijuana Facilities are Permitted, Not Permitted, or Conditional. Aerial Photo Base Map provided by Esri.



Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) GIS, CAD, and Base Map Data is now distributed from a secure Drop Box link, or via USB drive and is no longer available on the FNSB ftp site.

    1. Download and print Data Disclaimer Form.
    2. Sign and date the form. Check the box for the data you wish to obtain, and the fees that apply.
    3. Mail your check and signed form and to address on the form. Please indicate if you wish to receive a password for data download, or a USB thumb drive. Sorry, the FNSB does accept credit cards over the phone.

    PLEASE NOTE: if you are a public agency, educational institution, or student, there is no charge for the data.
  • DOWNLOAD PRINT-READY MAPS AND STREET MAPS: Ready to print general information maps: ftp://ftp.co.fairbanks.ak.us/Maps/FNSBWebsite/mapping.htm.
  • DOWNLOAD USGS DIGITAL TOPOGRAPHIC MAPS: The USGS has released digital topographical maps for Alaska. The maps have multiple layers that can be turned on and off when viewed in Adobe Reader. The maps are geoPDF's, which means when viewed with a device with a GPS, such as a tablet or smart phone, the viewer's current location can be displayed as a dot on the map. Not all maps are available yet. Maps available so far for the Fairbanks North Star Borough can be found at: ftp://ftp.co.fairbanks.ak.us/GIS/USGS_Digital_Topo/

    The grid sheet that shows the location of the available maps can be found in the same folder at: ftp://ftp.co.fairbanks.ak.us/GIS/USGS_Digital_Topo//US_TOPO_Available_2013_Sept.pdf
    Suggested free GIS Data Viewers:
    1. Quantum GIS (full-featured open source desktop GIS)
    2. ArcGIS Explorer (Esri desktop or mobile viewer)
    3. ArcGIS Earth (Esri desktop 3D Viewer)


Before you start browsing our maps, please take a moment to review the following information.

  • Read our disclaimer on the accuracy and limitations of the data on the FNSB Geographic Information System.
  • Concerned about the availability of personal data on our web site? Please review the Borough's statement on the issue of personal vs. private information on the FNSB web site.
  • Questions about the data? View our Meta Data documents.
  • If you are not running Internet Explorer 5.0 or better, please view our Requirements page.
  • All Fairbanks North Star Borough GIS and CAD data is projected in Alaska State Plane Zone 3, North American Datum 1983, US Survey Feet.

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